3 Forums to Connect With Entrepreneurs Online

Forums aren't just for gamers and new parents anymore. Over the past decade, these meetings of online minds have become the perfect opportunity for networking, connecting with others in the same community, getting help and even sharing and tweaking strategies. Every day, more and more online forums are popping up, covering everything from the pitfalls of being a plumber to starting your own business.

In the past, entrepreneurs had to go it alone and rely on whatever advice they could get from successful people they met. With forums now springing up all over the web, you don't have to wait to bump into the next Bill Gates to share ideas, ask questions and make some connections. Check out the three hottest entrepreneur forums on the net right now so you won’t be left out in the industry cold.

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1. EntrepreneurFix

Founded by young entrepreneur Oliver Kenyon, EntrepreneurFix is a sleek, easy-to-navigate forum that is certainly hot right now. The main board is divided into four main sections: work, play, business and general. This design gives members the ability to go exactly where they want to when they first hit the website, whether they need to ask a serious question about hiring staff or blow off some steam talking about their favorite car or wine.

"Work" is where the magic happens. Members can discuss everything from general business and marketing to legal matters and new business ideas with other entrepreneurs. "Play" is exactly what it sounds like, with sub-forums for real estate, travel and even arts and entertainment. In "Business," you can showcase your companies and products, and there's even a "Buy, Sell or Trade" sub-forum if you want sell or exchange your products or services with other forum members -- or buy from them.

With all the sub-forums and the simple, visually appealing interface, EntrepreneurFix.com is absolutely the entrepreneur forum to watch.

2. Fastlane Forum

Created by MJ DeMarco, author of the popular anti-get-rich-slow book, The Millionaire Fastlane, the bustling Fastlane Forum is an incredible tool for entrepreneurs both new and experienced. Divided into 10 main boards that cover everything from business paths and plan executions to networking and wealth road maps, the Fastlane offers a little bit on just about every self-starting business topic and then some more.

The "Your Roads" section is the place to go to discuss your business, share knowledge and experience, and connect with some other entrepreneurs. If you're looking to talk about investments and finances, hit up "Money Systems & Investing." To relax, relieve some stress and even find a social meet-up with other Fastlane members in your area, go to "Rest Stop -- Life, Health, Happiness." There's also a private "Fastlane Insiders" board for successful members who have read the The Millionaire Fastlane book.

Try the Fastlane Forum for insider knowledge, general support and the ability to connect with other people working just as hard as you to make their dreams come true.

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3. Secret Entourage

Although it’s not as active as EntrepreneurFix or the Fastlane Forum, Secret Entourage is still a solid resource for entrepreneurs. Started by Pejman Ghadimi, author of the blueprint-for-success book, Third Circle Theory, Secret Entourage is an easy-to-use forum that is sectioned into five main areas: academy, entrepreneurship, motivations, other forums and networking. The "Academy" is a private forum that has threads dedicated to resources, progress and other areas, while the open "Entrepreneurship" section has general threads covering business ideas, general advice, and tech for programmers and webmasters.

"Motivation" is a great spot to visit for those who need a little boost. This section is split into sub-forums, and you can share what inspires you, and learn about what other members do to get themselves pumped or out of a slump. "Other Forums" is where general discussions happen, and "Networking" has general networking and threads for U.S. and international members.

Secret Entourage might not be the busiest forum for entrepreneurs, but it has a clean, neat interface and is certainly worth checking out as a resource.

An entrepreneur forum is a great way to quickly connect with other people who own their own business, and you’ll probably find some people who are even in your industry. While forum advice is not a complete substitute when it comes to legal and financial matters, you can still get valuable, accurate information that points you in the right direction while learning from more experienced, successful people. The Fastlane Forum is great for people who want a more aggressive approach to success, while Secret Entourage is a supportive learning environment. Oliver Kenyon's fast-growing EntrepreneurFix is a mix of everything that is perfect for entrepreneurs no matter what path they wish to take.

Join a forum today to tap into its many benefits at no cost to you. Nowadays, you've got a wealth of information at your fingertips -- so all you have to do is go to the right place to find it. Please tell us about your favorite forums in the comments.

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