Jeremy Lin: It's OK to Be Weird, It's Not OK to Be Bullied

The New York Times' Michael Luo on the impact of NBA phenom Jeremy Lin.


Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin was bullied as a child because of his Asian heritage. Now the Christian sports figure is speaking out about his past struggles in order to help others.

The bullying of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is the focus of a new White House public awareness campaign called "Act To Change."

Lin, 27, decided to support the movement because of his own experiences, some of which he recalled in a YouTube video shared in mid October.

"For me, growing up Asian American and trying to play basketball was a bit tough at times," said Lin. "Sometimes people would make fun of me and just say, 'Oh, you're Yao Ming.'"

"That's not that bad, but sometimes it would get worse and people would say, 'You're a Chinese import' or 'go back to China' or 'can you see the scoreboard with your eyes?' And then sometimes it got really ridiculous."

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