Confident and Sales-Focused: A Look at the Entrepreneur360 'Classics'

Through surveys and available data, we've examined hundreds of small businesses and come away with six archetypal sets of practices and characteristics that we believe are representative of most growth companies operating today.

The qualifications were simple: Companies had to be domestically owned, privately held, for-profit and have shown net capacity growth over at least two years, with an employee size in 2015 of 10 to 1,000.

Below, we examine the traits of Classics, one of the six archetypes of the Entrepreneur360™ Performance Index. To see the other five archetypes, click here.

Classics place an emphasis on sales but glue themselves to the middle of the road when it comes to most management practices. Because of their sales focus, Classics express confidence about continuing growth, and their sales, marketing and HR teams handle the growth in stride.

Key characteristics

  • They express relatively high confidence in growth, apparently because they are sales-focused, seek customer input in planning and work hard to communicate success to customers. Even their charitable contributions are seen as supporting customer relations.

  • They solicit input from employees in business planning.


In spite of all we hear about leading-edge management practices and disruptive companies, there is still plenty of room for more conventional companies to notch growth year after year. Markets don’t award extra points for being flashy, and success can be built around a mastery of sales.


Founded: 2011

Business Type: Marketing

Website: http://321goproject.com

Bai Brands, LLC

Founded: 2008

Business Type: Beverage

Website: http://www.drinkbai.com

Bizness Apps

Founded: 2010

Business Type: Software

Website: https://www.biznessapps.com


Founded: 2010

Business Type: Education technology

Website: https://bloomboard.com


Founded: 2011

Business Type: Shoes

Website: http://www.bucketfeet.com


Founded: 2012

Business Type: Advertising

Website: http://clicksmob.com


Founded: 2010

Business Type: E-learning

Website: http://www.craftsy.com


Founded: 2009

Business Type: Marketing

Website: http://home.crowdtap.com

Enovative Group

Founded: 2006

Business Type: Energy-efficient water systems

Website: http://www.enovativegroup.com

Gazelle Globalization Group


Business Type: Translation

Website: http://www.g3translate.com

Her Campus Media

Founded: 2009

Business Type: Publishing

Website: http://www.hercampus.com


Founded: 2011

Business Type: Event Planning

Website: https://www.honeybook.com


Founded: 2010

Business Type: Video

Website: https://interlude.fm


Founded: 2009

Business Type: Marketing

Website: http://www.localytics.com


Founded: 2011

Business Type: Advertising

Website: http://www.mediabrix.com

MJ Freeway

Founded: 2010

Business Type: Software

Website: http://www.mjfreeway.com

MobileX Labs

Founded: 2012

Business Type: App development

Website: http://mobilexlabs.com


Founded: 2007

Business Type: Lighting manufacturing

Website: http://noribachi.com


Founded: 2011

Business Type: Video

Website: http://www.playwire.com


Founded: 2002

Business Type: Sales consulting

Website: http://www.quotafactory.com


Founded: 2012

Business Type: Social-media consulting

Website: http://reelio.com

Rocksauce Studios

Founded: 2010

Business Type: App development

Website: http://rocksaucestudios.com


Founded: 2006

Business Type: People-search platform

Website: http://www.spokeo.com


Founded: 2011

Business Type: Software

Website: http://synduit.com


Founded: 2001

Business Type: Recycling

Website: https://www.terracycle.com/en-US

United By Blue

Founded: 2010

Business Type: Apparel and accessories

Website: http://unitedbyblue.com


Founded: 2012

Business Type: Legal

Website: https://www.upcounsel.com


Founded: 2008

Business Type: Software

Website: http://vmturbo.com

Votto Vines Importing


Business Type: Wine importing/distribution

Website: http://www.vottovines.com

Y Media Labs

Founded: 2009

Business Type: Mobile

Website: http://www.ymedialabs.com

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