Son of former 49ers president killed in boat crash off Catalina Island; 3 hurt, 1 missing

The son of a former president and CEO of the NFL's San Francisco 49ers was killed early Sunday when the boat he was in collided with another vessel off Catalina Island in Southern California. 

Peter Harris and his wife, Jan, confirmed that their son, Michael Harris, was killed in statements posted on their Facebook pages. Peter Harris said that Michael "died this morning while living his life as he did everyday, with kindness, friendship, love of family, caring for others, having fun, being a friend, and as one of the really good guys."

The Coast Guard said that three other people were injured in the crash, which happened at approximately 1:20 a.m. local time Sunday. One person remains missing, and a search was suspended at 7 p.m. Sunday

Coast Guard spokesperson SondraKay Kneen told KTTV that one of the boats involved was a dinghy with five people on board, including Michael Harris. Authorities said that two of the injured suffered minor injuries, while the third person suffered a head injury. All three were being treated at UCLA Medical Center. 

In his Facebook statement, Peter Harris said one of the injured was Michael's girlfriend, Kelly Wells, whom he called "spectacular."

"We hope and pray that she recovers well as she rests in UCLA Hospital, and knows she is family forever," the elder Harris wrote.

Peter Harris is a former retailer who served as president and CEO of the 49ers between 2000 and 2004. 

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