Custody battle begins over chicken that snarled traffic on San Francisco Bay Bridge

Little brown bird finally caught by California Highway Patrol officers in San Francisco


At least three people are claiming ownership of the small brown chicken that snarled rush-hour traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area earlier this week.

The Oakland Tribune reported on Friday that the Oakland Animal Shelter has the chicken that strutted between cars at the Bay Bridge toll plaza early Wednesday. She was eventually captured by the California Highway Patrol.

Animal Services Director Rebecca Katz said people claiming ownership of the chicken, named Chip after the CHP, need to come to the facility with some sort of proof, such as previous photos of the famous fowl.

Two rescue groups are also interested in Chip.

On Thursday, Chip laid an egg. However, the shelter will likely swap in a substitute egg for her to sit on, because ti doesn’t want any more chickens.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.