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'Makeover' ads with ex-Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to be removed following legal threats

Two online marketing companies are ceasing publication of ads that depict former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer as an over-the-hill divorcee who needed a "revenge makeover."

Brewer said in a statement Thursday that she was pleased that the companies would stop running the ads.

Content.ad CEO Jonathan Markiles says his company was unaware that they were running advertising that included her image.

Brewer, however, disputes that and says she is exploring her legal rights.

Markiles says Content.ad will not accept the images in the future.

The ads were first reported by The Arizona Republic.

Another company, RevContent, also says it will remove the ads. Both companies are platforms for Internet advertisers.

Markiles says ads are submitted with the understanding that the advertiser owns or is authorized to license the image.