Unrest again overnight in Ferguson, Missouri as a fourth day of sometimes violent protests continued. There were nearly two dozen arrests in Ferguson. Another 57 were arrested in Saint Louis for civil disobedience and blocking public buildings. No gunfire last night unlike Sunday night. A teenager who allegedly fired on police officers Sunday night remains in critical condition. He was shot by police. He’s been charged with felony attack on police officers. Organizers say the suspect was “confused” by officers in plains clothes. Will Carr and Rich Edson reporting.

Bernie Sanders says he’ll fight to end institutional racism harder than any other candidate. The Vermont Senator was shouted offstage at one of his rallies in Seattle Saturday by Black Lives Matters protesters. Sanders spoke last night without incident in Los Angeles.

Hillary Clinton campaigns during the 11am hour at a town hall in Claremont, New Hampshire. She’s continuing a push on making college affordable today. Yesterday she unveiled at $350 billion plan to help college students struggling financially.

Clinton also issued a sworn deposition in relation to the email controversy. Clinton issued a statement declaring "under penalty of perjury" that she has turned over all of the e-mails that were federal records. The activist legal group Judicial Watch says it remains unsatisfied that all relevant documents will be turned over.

Politico has a good piece out today on Hillary Clinton’s tough Summer. Gabriel Debenedetti writes, “Welcome to Hillary’s summer, a season chock-full of rough national headlines about her slipping poll numbers, her email controversies, Sanders’ surging popularity, Joe Biden’s presidential ruminations — and Trump.”

We’ve got several other presidential candidates holding events today including Senator Rand Paul at Noon and Senator Ted Cruz kicking off a bus tour of Southern States beginning at 10am in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Megyn Kelly addressed the controversy that’s erupted since her tough line of questions during last week’s FOX debate sent Trump on a verbal rampage against Kelly and others. She says she won’t apologize for being a tough journalist.

China did a surprise devaluation of its currency.. in an effort to stop falling growth and rescue the Chinese economy. It’s likely to make imports more expensive, and prop up Chinese companies. But it runs counter to international standards and could hit many foreign markets.

Greece has come to terms with the EU over its third bailout.

Japan has restarted a nuclear reactor.. the first time since all nuclear facilities were closed after the massive earthquake and tsunami caused a major nuclear accident at the Fukushima nuke plant.

Colorado and New Mexico have declared a state of emergency after 3 million gallons of water from an old gold mine the EPA was in the process of cleaning up spilled into a river in Colorado and quickly made its way to New Mexico. The water turned yellow. Now locals want to know how it happened. We’ll talk to an expert and Alicia Acuna continues to report live.

There’s another new fire burning in California.. forcing evacuations. It’s happening not far from another major fire that destroyed more than 40 homes and was just finally surrounded after two weeks. CA is in the midst of a devastating 4 year drought that has left the stand tinder dry and helped ignite one of the worst starts to fire season in recent history.

The USGS just released a new earthquake map. It shows half of all Americans are vulnerable to damaging earthquakes. Our friend Lucy Jones will explain.

Have they found the lost colonists of Roanoke Island off the coast of North Carolina? The English colony disappeared without a trace in the 16th century. They may have now been found. We’ll investigate.    

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