Designing Wearables for People Who Don't Like Wearables

This winter, Kegan Schouwenburg attended a talk on wearable technology at the NBA All-Star Technology Summit in New York City. The panelists were making sweeping predictions about how wearable technology is poised to completely transform the way we live.

At the end of the conversation, the moderator asked members of the audience to share their favorite wearable device. Dead silence. "Literally, nobody said anything," Schouwenburg recalls. After a long pause, someone suggested the iPhone. "That is the disconnect [between] the wearables that we want to exist and what the landscape actually looks like today."

As the co-founder of SOLS, a company that creates 3-D printed orthotic insoles, Schouwenburg wants to bridge that gap, and create wearables that don’t feel like wearables. "Am I ever going to wear something on my wrist? For me the answer is no, and for a lot of people the answer is no."

Instead, why not put sensors into items we already wear every day? It's a possibility she's actively considering for SOLS.

Hear Schouwenburg talk about her vision for seamless wearables in the above video.


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