Our lead today remains the horrific terror attack on Chattanooga, Tennessee.

30 FBI agents are due to arrive today in the normally tranquil city.

A diary belonging to the murderer is being analyzed, and his parents questioned. Mohammed Abdulazeez’s diary suggests he was using drugs, drinking heavily, and preparing for bankruptcy. He was also known as a devout Muslim.

His parents have said he was depressed. So far, investigators have found no links to overseas terror groups, but he did travel to several Arab countries and spent several months in Jordan.

He shot and killed four Marines, and fatally injured a sailor in an attack on military facilities in Chattanooga.

Huge drama over GOP Republican candidate Donald Trump who is coming under fire from fellow Republicans for pretty shocking comments he made about Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain. McCain was captured during his Vietnam duties during the Vietnam war and held for more than five years by the Vietcong who tortured him, and refused to treat his many injuries.

Trump said McCain was “not a war hero.” It has set off a firestorm. Trump at first said he is not sorry. Now he says the media are to blame. Fellow GOP candidates including Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Rick Perry have condemned the comments.

Jeb Bush speaks today at 10am in Florida.

There’s another big entry into the GOP race for the White House this week.. Ohio Governor (and former Fox News host) John Kasich will throw his hat in the ring tomorrow. He makes 16 main candidates. Carl Cameron reporting.

Fox News hosts the first debate on August 6th.

Imagine sales tax on many things you buy jumping from 13% to 23% overnight. That’s what the people of Greece are facing today as banks reopen and the value added tax on some goods and services jump to 23%. It’s part of a new round of austerity measures insisted on as a condition of a third round of bailout money from the EU. Banks reopened today but they are keeping a strict 60 Euro/day limit on withdrawals.

Cuba officially reopens an embassy in the United States today.. in Washington. The first time in 54 years! It’s part of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations.

A 60-day Congressional review period of the Iran nuke deal signed last week in Vienna set to begin today. The U.N. is expected to formally endorse the plan today. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has the unenviable task of trying to sell the deal to skeptical Middle East leaders. He begins in Israel today.

The suspect in the so-called mansion murders is due in court today for a preliminary hearing. Daron Wint is charged with murder in the deaths of three people. Police say he kept them hostage for 18 hours before torturing and killing them and then setting the large home on fire after he got a $40,000 ransom.

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