President Obama begins the hard sell today of his deal with Iran over its nuclear program. The President will hold a 1pm news conference from the East Room of the White House. This will be the fourth news conference this year. The President needs to sell a skeptical Congress and convince the American people it’s a good deal.

Joby Warrick in the Washington Post today writes, “The deal announced in Vienna closes, at least for now, the most perilous chapter in 35 years of turbulent relations with the Islamic republic. By effectively freezing Iran's uranium stockpile for at least a decade, the accord eases tensions around a controversy that has given rise to cyberattacks, assassinations and economic sanctions, all set against a backdrop of fear over the potential for a new Middle East war.”

But Israel, and most Republicans, says it’s not a good deal. Netenyahu says it will set off a Middle East arms race, and make Israel and the whole region less safe.

Batsheva Sobelman in the Los Angeles Times, writes, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- backed on Tuesday evening by his security Cabinet in denouncing the pact -- signaled that his government would keep up a powerful campaign of lobbying as the agreement comes under scrutiny of the U.S. Congress in the next two months.”

We’ll have live Fox team coverage and analysis, and we’ll carry the President’s news conference live.

Scott Walker campaigns today in Lexington, South Carolina. He’s the most recent GOP figure running for President (#15!).

Jeb Bush going on offense against Donald Trump as Trump rises in the polls. Bush said that Trump is running on fear. We’ll get into it with our political panel.

Greece votes today on severe austerity measures that would allow a third EU bailout and prevent the economy from collapsing. Banks remain closed through at least Thursday. The IMF is still threatening to block the deal too if debt relief isn’t given. Amy Kellogg reporting.

Fed Chief Janet Yellen testifies today on the Hill. We’ll be monitoring for  news on interest rates, and if she comments on a possible technology company bubble.

Severe weather in Kentucky has killed at least two people. Six more are missing. At least 150 homes were destroyed in flooding. We’ll get an update.

There was an explosion at an aerospace plant in Washington state that left five injured. The cause is under investigation.

We’ll be getting new pictures of Pluto this morning. A NASA craft called New Horizons flew by Pluto at more than 30,000 miles an hour snapping pictures of the dwarf planet. The U.S. has now sent probes to every planet in the solar system. Expect some awesome new photos of the farthest planet.

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