A series of technology disasters set off alarms around the country yesterday, but do not appear related. United Airlines computer systems crashed and thousands of passengers’ flights cancelled yesterday morning. Flights resumed by yesterday afternoon.

Then the New York Stock Exchange abruptly closed. It was closed for trading for more than three hours, but did reopen at 3:15. No one seems clear on what happened, but malicious attack seems unlikely.

A technical glitch also hit the front page of the Wall Street Journal almost immediately following the NYSE shutting down. It is pointing to security concerns for stock trading platforms which rely almost wholly on technology to function. The Dow closed down more than 200 points yesterday.

Stocks have rebounded around the world today.

In China, emergency measures by the government to shore up collapsing stocks seem to be taking hold. Stocks have plunged in recent weeks as a correction of sorts has begun. Shares in Shanghai have lost a third of their value since June, but new emergency measures seem to have stopped the bleeding (at least for today.) Other Asian stocks also higher.

European stocks also higher today as Greece’s government is racing to finalize a plan to present to European leaders for a third bailout. Greece has until the end of the day today, and EU will vote on Sunday on any deal. Otherwise Greece will likely be forced from the EU currency zone.

Pakistan is calling peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government a “breakthrough.” Both sides agree to meet again.

Iran nuke talks drag on in Vienna for a 13th day. There’s yet another deadline Friday.  

Fires are raging across parts of Canada though firefighters are making some progress. Thousands of people are in the fires paths.

A Southwest flight aborted its takeoff in Chicago over a mechanical issue. No one hurt. We’ll see if we can find some pictures.

Pre-trial hearing in the Kayak murder case.

South Carolina’s state house passed a measure that removes the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds. Governor Nikki Haley will sign the bill.

Mike Emanuel covering several hearings at the U.S. capitol today including hearings of the Iran deal, the EPA and on Afghanistan.

There’s campaign appearances today by Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. We’ll be monitoring.

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