Man's girlfriend charged as an accessory in his mother's slaying in Omaha

The girlfriend of a man accused of killing his 4-year-old half brother and his mother in Omaha has been charged as an accessory and is being held on $5 million bail.

A homicide detective testified at a hearing Friday that preliminary autopsy results on the body of 45-year-old Jesus Ismenia Marinero indicate she was alive when she was dumped in a southeast Omaha ditch.

Police think 24-year-old Gabriela Guevara helped 25-year-old Roberto Martinez-Marinero to load his mother in a car and dump her body.

Guevara has been charged with being an accessory.

Prosecutors say that if final autopsy results show Marinero was alive when she was dumped, they will charge Guevara with aiding and abetting first-degree murder.