Man hit with stun gun, dies after struggle with officers in Kentucky; police investigating

Kentucky State Police say they're investigating the death of a man after a struggle with officers in the eastern part of the state.

A police statement says that 56-year-old Billy J. Collins became combative at the Louisa Police Department after his arrest Friday and that he struck Sgt. Steven Wilburn multiple times before fleeing into a foyer, where he barricaded himself.

Police say that Collins was hit twice with a stun gun but continued to be combative, and that officers had a physical confrontation with him before bringing him under control.

Police say he was restrained and put in a sitting position when he began showing signs of a medical emergency. Police say he was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Results of an autopsy weren't released. Police say a preliminary investigation has found no criminal activity on the part of officers.