South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham set to throw his hat in the ring for President. The 3 term Repbulican senator plans to run on his foreign policy credentials and call for 10,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. He joins an already crowded GOP field. He makes his announcement at 11:00am. We’ll have it live.
Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley announced Saturday that he’s running for President. O’Malley sounded a strong theme of fighting for economic equality and against income inequality. He also took positions to the left of Hillary Clinton on social issues. He’ll be facing off against Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the nomination on the Demcractic side. We’re still waiting to hear if former Virginia Senator Jim Webb and former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chaffee Will run.
There were big crowds in Iowa for a Bernie Sanders event there over the weekend.
There’s still flooding going on in Dallas today, but it Will be mostly sunny skies today so the state can begin to recover from the deadly flooding and flash floods that have ravaged Dallas, Austin and Houston. Swollen rivers are receding, and damage estimates are being tallied.
There were 3 murders in Baltimore over the weekend.. May was the most violent month in that city in more than 40 years with 43 murders.
The Patriot Act officially expired at Midnight last night despite many last-minute maneuvers to get an extension on the controversial bill. A House bill that doesn’t allow bulk collection of Americans phone records could be adopted by the Senate later this week.
Secretary of State John Kerry is in the hospital in Switzerland after breaking his leg while bicycling. He had to withdraw from Iran nuke deal talks. He’ll return to the U.S. for medical treatment.
Several Americans are reportedly being held hostage by Houthi terrrorists in Yemen. Airstrikes by Saudi Arabia have intensified today.