Sit and Stand Desks Don't Cut It: 2 New Keys to Unlocking Office Productivity.

While some health watchdogs have declared sitting the new smoking, you might have one more reason to get up from your desk: productivity.

Moving -- even from one room in your office to another another -- can boost your ability to get things done. "With increased movement comes increased blood flow, which leads to better cognition and the ability to think," says Brian Shapland, general manager at Turnstone, a division of Steelcase furniture.

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To meet this need, he suggests organizations big and small offer employees a "palette of postures." Says Shapland, comfortable and productive workspaces should offer alternatives to the traditional cubicle, including standing desks and or even lounge-style seating that lets staff break from their routine while still staying on task.

To be sure, finding the perfect workspace mix is a challenge. And options such as standing desks can provide risks of their own, thanks to increased loads on the circulatory system. But with some analysts finding new generations of workers demanding a variety of work options, companies will likely need to adapt.

Take a look at this short video and learn more about the power of movement at work -- and what every company can consider.

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