Accused con man from MTV show nabbed in terror threats to DC transit

Coleman appeared on the MTV show last year, and was accused of scamming  a guest out of $8,000.

Coleman appeared on the MTV show last year, and was accused of scamming a guest out of $8,000.

An accused con man who appeared on the MTV show “Catfish” was arrested Thursday for allegedly threatening to carry out terrorist acts against the Washington, D.C., transit system.

Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman, known for passing himself off as a music producer named Kidd Cole, allegedly “knowingly [conveyed] false information concerning an attempt or alleged attempt to engage in terrorist attacks or other violence against mass transportation systems.”

Police say that between last December and May 12, Stone-Coleman called 911 to report bomb threats or hostage situations involving Metro stations, trains and buses.

"This case demonstrates the seriousness with which we take all threats and the lengths to which we will go to bring those responsible to justice," said Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik.

Stone-Coleman appeared as “Kidd Cole” in a May 2014 episode of the reality TV show that documents people who scam their victims online by posing as someone else.

In one threat Stone-Coleman allegedly phoned in, the caller claimed he and his friends were planning to take hostages on a city bus and that they would kill them if they were not paid a $15 million ransom. In another call made last month, Stone-Coleman allegedly said a bomb had been placed at the McPherson Square Metro station, and that there was a bomb at the White House.

Detectives used cellphone records, surveillance video from stations and buses and telephone audio to identify Stone-Coleman, authorities said. A warrant for his arrest was issued on Tuesday and he was nabbed without incident at his Washington home, police said.

Stone-Coleman appeared on the show in conjunction with a guest named Loretta, a limo driver from Washington, who said Kidd Cole robbed her of $8,000 by using her luxury car service on several occasions and never paying. When the show's team confronted him, Stone-Coleman claimed he was a music impresario and invited the group to visit him at the studio the following day. But when they arrived, they quickly learned it was a setup.