The Latest: James Holmes sent notebook to psychiatrist in package with 16 stamps of scientists

12:35 p.m. (MDT)

Testimony from a detective is revealing new details about a package containing a spiral notebook that James Holmes sent to his psychiatrist before his deadly 2012 attack on a Colorado movie theater.

Detective Matthew Fyles said Tuesday the notebook was sent in a white bubble mailer with 16 "Forever" stamps depicting various scientists.

The trial broke for lunch before the notebook itself could be discussed, but prosecutors have said it contains Holmes' detailed plan for the shooting that left 12 people dead and 70 injured and a descriptions of his hatred of mankind.

The mailer was sent with four rows of stamps, with each row containing four stamps of the same scientist.

It also contained twenty $20 bills, some of which were dispersed throughout the notebook. The bills were all burned to some extent.

Authorities also found a sticky note marked with a circle with the numeral one and the infinity sign inside — the same symbol found on a calendar in Holmes' apartment on the date July 20. 2012, the day of the shooting.