9:10 a.m.

Officials say some protesters angry over the acquittal of a police officer charged in the deaths of two unarmed suspects became violent and turned on bystanders, including some who pepper-sprayed patrons sitting at outdoor cafes downtown.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams says 71 people were arrested Saturday night after a day of mostly peaceful protests turned more aggressive.

Williams said Sunday at a news conference with Mayor Frank Jackson that another protester threw a restaurant sign at a patron, striking him in the head. He says bystanders were also accosted in at least one other instance.

Jackson thanked the majority of protesters who remained respectful. He says the police will continue to help demonstrators exercise their First Amendment rights but warned the city will not tolerate any protesters who cross the line into violence.


6:45 a.m.

The streets of Cleveland have largely remained calm on the morning after police made numerous arrests of protesters angered by the acquittal of a police officer charged in the deaths of two unarmed suspects.

Angry but mostly orderly protests followed Saturday's verdict in the case of patrolman Michael Brelo. Police say some demonstrators became unruly and refused to disperse after night fell, but the protests avoided to kind of violence seen after police killings in Baltimore, New York City and Ferguson, Missouri.

Brelo now faces administrative charges while remaining suspended without pay, but he no longer faces the prospect of prison.

The anxious city now awaits a decision on criminal charges against a white officer in the fatal shooting of a black 12-year-old boy with a pellet gun.