Couple testifies about bizarre home attack; assailant tells victim: 'You're going to die'

A lawyer and his wife have testified about surviving a brutal home-invasion attack in a Washington suburb that prosecutors say was carried out by another pair of lawyers.

Leo Fisher said at a preliminary hearing Tuesday in Fairfax, northern Virginia, that Andrew Schmuhl forced his way into Fisher's home, shot him with a Taser and slit his throat.

Police say Schmuhl and his wife Alecia planned the November attack in retaliation for Alecia Schmuhl getting fired from Fisher's law firm.

Fisher said Andrew Schmuhl pretended to be a law enforcement officer during the attack and interrogated him about his law firm. Fisher's wife, Susan Duncan, wept as she testified. She was shot in the head and stabbed.

The Schmuhls are jailed pending trial, each charged with malicious wounding and abduction.