Frein's lawyers withdraw request to move trial based on DA's campaign mailer, plan to refile

Lawyers for the man charged in an ambush outside a Pennsylvania State Police barracks that killed one trooper and seriously wounded another have withdrawn their request to have his trial moved, but say they plan to refile it at a later date.

Eric Frein is charged in a Sept. 12 late-night ambush outside a state police barracks.

Frein's attorneys had asked a judge to move the case from Pike County because District Attorney Ray Tonkin refers to Frein as a "murderer" in a campaign mailer.

Attorney Michael Weinstein said Monday he plans to raise the issue as part of a broader change of venue request.

Weinstein is still asking a judge to block Tonkin from mentioning Frein in campaign materials.

Tonkin calls Weinstein's objections a political stunt intended to impact his re-election. Weinstein says he's acting in his client's best interest.