Michigan teen asks mom who couldn't afford her own prom to be his prom date

Proud mother shares special moment with son


A Michigan mother unable to attend her senior prom due to her own mother’s death got a second chance at the teenage rite Friday when she escorted her son to his prom.

“Back in April 1985, my mom died of leukemia. We had to go stay with my grandmother,” Belinda Smith told “Fox & Friends” Sunday.

Smith said that it was very hard for her father to manage the family by himself, so her grandmother stepped in to take care of Smith and her siblings.

In 1991, when the time came for Smith to attend her prom, she didn’t have the money.

'It was wonderful.'

- Belinda Smith

"Our whole life basically changed overnight," Belinda told ABC News, recalling the death of her mother. "I remember my sister going to prom and I couldn't wait to go. I was asked to the prom but we didn't have the money."

She said she cried every day, heartbroken that she couldn’t attend. She vowed then that when she had children, she would give them what she didn’t have – senior prom.

Smith’s son, Danotiss, 18, grew up hearing the story of how his mom was devastated when she had to miss her prom, so he decided to ask her to be his date for the night.

"I just felt like it was right to ask her cause she couldn't go to her prom," Danotiss Smith told ABC. "She couldn't afford it back then so I thought it would be pretty sweet to ask her."

Some of Danotiss’ friends thought his decision to take his mom to prom “was cool,” he told “Fox & Friends.” “Some were like, ‘it’s kind of weird.’”

Belinda Smith and Danotiss attended the Waterford Kettering High School prom on Friday.

“It was wonderful,” Belinda Smith said. “They pampered me . . . they took care of me. I didn’t have to worry about anything.”