A Virginia man accused of robbing a bank Monday and posting two videos and a photo of the incident to his Instagram account reportedly said he is innocent because asking for the money is not a crime.

Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca, 23, told WAVY.com in a jailhouse interview Wednesday that, "I decided to go to the bank…She gave me money, and I left." He said, "a robbery is going in and demanding something and taking the money. I didn't do that."

Police said Alfonseca walked into a TowneBank and handed the teller a note asking for $150,000 in bonds -- and included the word "please." 

Alfonseca said he is not responsible for stealing from the bank and claims the bank gave him the money.

"It was clutch time for her… and she had to make the shot. Shoot it, or not shoot it. It either goes in or it doesn't. She could've said 'no,' and I could have left," Alfonseca told WTKR. When asked if he would have left, he said "Of course. What else would I do?"

The note, which was posted on Instagram, read, "I need 150,000 bonds right NOW!! Please. Police take 3 to 4 minutes to get here. I would appreciate if you ring the alarm a minute after I am gone…make sure the money doesn't BLOW UP ON MY WAY OUT." He ends the letter with a smiley face.

He recorded the incident on his cellphone and posted videos and photo of the note online. Videos show the teller putting stacks of cash in a bag. Officers picked up Alfonseca 20 minutes after he left, carrying a gym bag full of money.

Alfonseca told the station that asking for money isn't a crime. He said he believes he'll be found innocent. He said he wouldn't have posted if he'd committed a crime.

It was unclear whether he had a lawyer to contact for further comment. He is due in court on June 12. A prosecutor has not been assigned to the case yet.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.