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ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack on the Muhammed depiction contest in Texas in which two terrorists were shot and killed after they began to attack the event with assault rifles. The pair has been tied to terrorism, and now ISIS claims they were working on its behalf in the first ISIS attack in the U.S. That claim has not been verified. The FBI had been monitoring one of the gunmen for terror ties. We’ve got Fox team coverage.

Secretary of State John Kerry made a surprise stop in Somalia after visiting Kenya. It’s the first time an American top official has visited the country. Kerry is offering both Kenya and Somalia help in their fight against Al-Shabab terrorists.

Former Arkansas Governor and Fox host Mike Huckabee will formally announce he’s seeking the Republican nomination for the White House today at 11am. He will be in his (and Bill Clinton’s) hometown of Hope, AR for the announcement and expected pitch with a populist message. Huckabee won Iowa and 8 states in 2008 when he ran picking up a ton of support from evangelical voters. Today he’ll have to fight Ted Cruz and other candidates for those votes.

New polling out today from the WSJ and NBC News shows Hillary Clinton’s support has eroded some in the wake of several news stories that paint her in an unflattering light. Still, she dominates any Republican put against her, and her support among her base remains rock solid. The new poll shows people with a negative view of her jumped from 36% seven weeks ago to 42%. The number who viewed her as honest and straightforward fell to 25% from 38% last summer.  

Interestingly national security is becoming a big issue again for Americans.. now trailing only the economy as top issues.

New New York Times/CBS polling suggests the public view of race relations has deteriorated substantially in the wake of the Baltimore police shooting and later rioting.. even worse than after Ferguson. 61% say race relations are generally bad.

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