A Busy Congress; Dueling Hillary & Christie Events

Hillary Clinton has a second day of events today in Iowa. She’s touring a fruit plant and holding a roundtable with business leaders beginning at 12:45.

Congress has been busy.. seems they’re making up for lost time!

Congress has now passed a so-called “Doc fix” for Medicare payments.. that had been delayed for the past 10 years! President Obama set to sign it.

Congress also likely to pass a bipartisan measure that would force President Obama to get Congressional signoff for any deal with Iran on its nuke program. President Obama also expected to sign off on that.. even though it threatens his deal with Iran.. a deal that Secretary of State John Kerry says is still doable. He’s in Germany for a G-7 meeting. Iran and the escalating war in Ukraine top the agenda.

Congress also expected to finally pass the so-called “fast track” negotiating power for trade deals.. specifically a trade deal with 12 nations of the Pacific.

Congress looking into questionable spending by the IRS today.. and the challenges of implementing the President’s Affordable Care Act. The House is expected to vote to repeal the estate tax for the wealthy.

It’s Tax Day! America’s Asking if the U.S. tax system is fair? Do the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes?

President Obama traveling to Charlotte today to push tax credits for working families on this national tax day.

There’s protests expected coast to coast to demand higher minimum wages. Workers want $15/hour and are expected to hold protests in 230 cities.

The White House is taking Cuba off the list of state sponsors of terror. Steve Harrigan reporting.

Molly Line covering the 2nd anniversary of the Boston bombing.

Europe is suing Google for antitrust violations.

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