Wounded veteran's custom-made golf clubs stolen in Virginia

A retired Marine shot in the face by a sniper during a tour in Iraq is facing another enemy at home: the thief who stole his custom-made golf clubs. 

Marine Lt. Col. Justin Constantine left his clubs at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Va., last week, the Marine Corps Times reported Saturday. 

One club has been returned, but two remain missing, the report said. 

The clubs were donated by a group that helps wounded veterans. 

"Yes, I could go out and buy more clubs, but these meant a lot for me," Constantine said.

A spokeswoman for Army Navy Country Club said its director of security will assist with the incident. 

Constantine was on patrol as a civil affairs team leader when he was shot by a sniper during a 2006 deployment to Iraq, the Marine Corps Times reported. 

Constantine said playing golf helped him during his recovery. 

"It was very therapeutic to be outside and get nice views and nature and think about hitting the golf ball and not all the other things in my life," he said.

Constantine told the Marines Corps Times that although he could have been more careful about leaving his clubs behind, the idea of someone stealing them from a wounded Marine is upsetting. 

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