Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashes Passenger Jet Killing 150

Horrible news to report on the crash of that Gemanwings Airbus 320 that crashed in the French Alps. The co-pilot locked the pilot out of the cockpit and purposely crashed the plane. French authorities say the man’s name was Andreas Lubitz and he had no known terror ties. One of the black boxes reveals the pilot was screaming to get back in the cockpit and banging on the door. He was greeted with silence from the cockpit. Passengers can be heard screaming as the plane descended before crashing killing all 150 onboard. We’ve got Fox team coverage and in depth analysis.

Saudi Arabia leading a group of 10 nations in air strikes on Yemen.. trying to prevent the takeover of the country by Houthi rebels backed by Iran. The U.S. is providing logistical support. Iran is outraged saying it’s an attempt by the U.S. to foment civil war. The White House is standing firm in its comments that Yemen is a good example of a successful counter-terror strategy.

Meantime, the U.S. is launching air strikes against Tikrit trying to dislodge ISIS terrorists. That is seen as supportive of Iran.

All this as the U.S. talks with Iran on its nuke program resume in Switzerland. The latest deadline for a deal now just six days away.

Sgt Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion. He’s the soldier who disappeared from his Army outpost in Afghanistan, was kidnaped by the Taliban and then was traded back to the U.S. for 5 Taliban prisoners in a controversial exchange. Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge reporting. 3 of the 5 Taliban have already attempted to return to terror.

President Obama heads to Alabama today where he’ll talk on the economy. He is expected to announce a crackdown on payday lenders who charge exorbitant fees to low income people.

The House of Reps passed a conservative budget yesterday that guts safety net spending. Now the Senate takes on the budget. President Obama won’t sign it as it stands now.

The House is also likely today to pass a so-called doc fix that restores Medicare payments to physicians and comes up with a permanent solution for the first time since 1997. We’ll be watching.

There’s also several hearings were following on Capitol Hill related to defense spending.

Stocks had a bad day yesterday and futures are lower for today too. There’s growing concerns about a global economic slowdown. Jobs report out today suggests hiring remains steady.

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