Catholic high school requires girls to get prom dresses pre-approved

Girls attending a Pennsylvania Catholic high school may be opting for demure rather than daring prom dresses since a new policy requires their garments must be approved in advance.

Delone Catholic high school in McSherrystown Pa. warned its female students they must submit a photo of their prom dress to be pre-approved by faculty before the May 1 dance. The plan states that gowns may not be extremely short, have an extremely low cut front or back, or be “inappropriately revealing.” Girls who show up in un-approved attire would be turned away at the door.

“I think it’s a little ridiculous,” Margaret Eser, whose daughter is attending Delone’s prom, told the York Daily Record.

The policy, which was put in place on March 1, raised concerns for students who had already purchased dresses for the dance.

“I honestly think it’s unfair,” Delone senior Dominique Dockins told the paper.

Senior Bailey Berlich told the York Daily Reader that she attended the prom in the past and was not aware of any policy at that time. She added the school administration had already turned down several dresses her friends purchased this year, even though girls at the last prom wore similarly styled dresses.

Simone Hostetter, who owns a dress shop, told the paper that many girls start shopping for prom dresses in January and that she sold an estimated 200 dresses by the time the policy was put in place.

Delone’s policy also makes it difficult for girls to get the dress they want for the special night.

“By the time they submit the photo, and (the school) gets back to them, that dress is gone.” Hostetter told the paper.

Delone’s principal, Dr. Maureen Thiec, told WGAL News that she understands it is a big expense and inconvenience to be turned away from the prom, and the pre-approval process will “eliminate that difficulty.”

“Delano Catholic has the responsibility to uphold the Catholic values and moral integrity,” Thiec added.