Alabama woman concerned over social media posts against daughter, family

An Alabama woman is concerned for her daughter’s safety after alerting police about threatening messages her daughter received.

The woman told at least two alleged high school bullies have sent her 13-year-old daughter nasty social media messages.

One message reportedly said to “kill yourself or we kill your family,” and another included a picture of a gun.

"Our families were threatened, houses to be blown up,” the woman told “It was just unreal that kids the age that we think is doing it would do something like that,” she said.

The 13-year-old said the messages still haunt her. She told “I regret ever waking up in the morning.”

The website reports the mother has reached out to the Pickens County School District but has not gotten anywhere. Superintendent Jamie Chapman told the website that the district is taking the threats very seriously.

"We've been working with the Gordo Police Department and they are investigating it to the fullest. I have full confidence that we're handling it to the best of our ability,” Chapman said.

Gordo’s Police Chief Todd Hall said he has asked outside agencies to assist in the investigation. Hall hopes to find a resolution soon.

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