Hillary Clinton 2016 & The Media Obsession

House Oversight Committee will likely subpoena Hillary Clinton today to try and obtain electronic versions of private emails she sent and read during her time as Secretary of State. We're also learning, Mrs. Clinton was never issued a state department blackberry.

And Hillary Clinton isn't the only one who may have inappropriately used private email accounts. We'll have political analysis, and we're diving deep into why the media is so obsessed with Hillary (and Bill!) Clinton.

The manhunt in Ferguson, Missouri continues today after two cops were shot during a protest night before last. Several people have been questioned, but no arrests so far.

President Obama discussed Ferguson on The Jimmy Kimmel show last night.

Today the President will visit the Arizona vets hospital that kicked off a national scandal over how hospitals were treating U.S. soldiers.

Iraq's Prime Minister and military is claiming victory over ISIS in Tikrit, but ISIS terrorists are advancing in other areas. There's also growing concern over sectarian warfare there.

There's an arraignment today for 3 suspected terrorists. The trio were indicted in Brooklyn Monday.

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