Is Hillary Clinton "Too Big To Fail"?

"Mrs. Clinton, many Democrats say, is simply too big to fail." That's a key quote from a New York Times piece today on the continued fallout over the Hillary Clinton email controversy (which the New York Times broke BTW).

The Times argues most Democrats are shrugging off the email story, and are depending on the inevitability of a Clinton run to ‘lift all boats.'

The Washington Post has a different take today, with Philip Rucker and Paul Kane writing, "Senior Democrats are increasingly worried that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not ready to run for president, fearing that the clumsy and insular handling of the nine-day fracas over her private e-mails was a warning sign about the campaign expected to launch next month."

Ed Henry reporting, and we'll talk to two men who wrote books on the Clintons to get their thoughts.

More violence overnight in Ferguson, Missouri. Two police officers were shot, and apparently were targeted during a protest against the Ferguson Police Department. Yesterday, the Police Chief resigned adding to the resignations of the city manager and four others, but protesters want more people disciplined or fired. The two officers are hospitalized in serious condition, but are expected to survive. A manhunt is under way, and there will be a news conference at 10am. Garrett Tenney and Mike Tobin reporting.

We get jobs report today. Stocks fell again yesterday. Tough week so far for stocks. Great news for Americans who want to travel to Europe.. The U.S. dollar is on a roll with some analysts predicting it will reach parity with the Euro by Summer.

Progress to report in the fight against ISIS. Iraqi soldiers are close to recapturing the city of Tikrit.

The Syrian Civil War turns four today. 200,000 civilians have died.

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