Hillary Comes Out Swinging

Hillary Clinton held a news conference yesterday afternoon at the U.N. on the controversy over her private email use while she was Secretary of State. The former First Lady defended her use of her own email servers and private email account as a matter of convenience. She says in hindsight, it might have been better to carry two devices (one for private use, one for her WH duties). The likely presidential candidate also said she had deleted about half her emails from her years as Secretary of State (most personal), but had turned over all emails related to her duties as Secy of State.

The Wall Street Journal this morning reporting, "The news conference left a handful of questions not fully resolved, including how it is possible to determine whether Mrs. Clinton turned over all work-related email to the government, and why she didn't move to preserve these records earlier."

Dan Balz wrote in the Washington Post today, "Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to quash the controversy over her use of a personal e-mail account as secretary of state with a strategy that can be reduced to two words: "Trust me." It is one of the biggest issues that will confront many Americans if and when she asks them to vote for her for president in 2016."

At Eglin Base Air Force Base, 7 Marines and 4 soldiers are missing after an Army chopper (a Blackhawk) crashed in Florida. Debris has been found. There was fog reported at the base, and a dense fog advisory had been issued. Apparently human remains have been found.

There's a war authorization hearing in the Senate today, but WH foreign policy is likely to be the real topic.. with GOP Senators challenging everything from U.S. policy in Ukraine to the tensions over Iran. We'll be monitoring that and the first official news conference from new Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

0930EDT -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte holds hearing on Pres Obama's AUMF request to use force against ISIS. Secy Kerry, Secy Carter, and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen Martin Dempsey testify. LIVE

1330EDT -- Secy Carter's first press conference as Secy of Defense will be a joint presser with his UK counterpart. LIVE

That open letter to Iran signed by 47 Republican Senators is threatening to split a bipartisan coalition that had been building on new sanctions. Democrats are pissed.

Mike Emanuel reporting on the Republican alternatives to Obamacare. We get remarks from Health and Human Services head Secretary Burwell today at 9:30.

0930EDT -- HHS Secy Burwell delivers remarks on building a long-term health care system at the America's Health Insurance Plans 2015 Natl Health Policy Conference. LIVE via LiveU

Terrible day for stocks yesterday as the U.S. dollar continues to gain ground against the Euro. It's a good time for Americans to travel to Europe, but not so great for American exporters. Yesterday the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P all lost more than one and a half percent. Oil also falling again. We get a read on oil inventories today.

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