Hillary Clinton to Address Email Controversy Today in a News Conference

The Hillary Clinton email story remains a top story. The former Secretary of State is expected to address the controversy in a news conference today... according to Fox News and other reporting. Mrs. Clinton is speaking to the U.N. on women's rights today at 1:30pm.. We'll be monitoring.

A new WSJ/NBC News poll taken last week when the Clinton story was breaking suggests Hillary remains the favorite of most Democratic voters. Here's how the Wall Street Journal put it today, "The survey found that 86% of likely Democratic primary voters say they are open to supporting Mrs. Clinton for the party's nomination, and 13% said they couldn't. Those polled view the former secretary of state more favorably than unfavorably, with 44% holding positive views and 36% with negative views of her."

The GOP field is wide open, according to the polls. Top GOP fundraiser and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is probably best known. 49% of voters who plan to vote in the primaries say they could support him, but 42% say they couldn't see themselves doing so. He is viewed more negatively than positively. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker have fairly good numbers in the polling.

President Obama heads to Atlanta today where he'll make several policy pitches for student loan debt and community college changes.

Progress to report in the fight against ISIS. Iraqi and Peshmerga forces are making progress in an attempt to retake Tikrit and Kirkuk. Jennifer Griffin, John Huddy reporting.

Senator Tom Cotton wrote an open letter that was co-signed by 46 U.S. Senators suggesting any deal Iran signed with the U.S. wouldn't be enforceable under a new administration. The letter has been called a breach of protocol, and Vice President Biden attacked the GOP for the letter, "In thirty-six years in the United States Senate, I cannot recall another instance in which Senators wrote directly to advise another country -- much less a longtime foreign adversary -- that the President does not have the constitutional authority to reach a meaningful understanding with them. This letter sends a highly misleading signal to friend and foe alike that that our Commander-in-Chief cannot deliver on America's commitments -- a message that is as false as it is dangerous."

A horrible chopper crash killed several prominent French athletes in Argentina and several others. At least 10 died in the crash that happened on the way to film for a European reality show.

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