The 2016 Field

The Hillary Clinton email story continues to develop with several prominent politicians weighing in over the weekend. Doug McKelway reporting.

Mike Emanuel reporting on a group of GOP presidential hopefuls who met in Iowa over the weekend. Today Democratic leaders are gathering of firefighters and first responders. President Obama delivers remarks at the NLC 2015 Congressional City Conference. He's talking about a program called TechHire designed to train and hire high pay workers in tech.

1130EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks at the NLC's 2015 Congressional City Conference. LIVE

U.S. led coalition airstrikes hitting a Syrian oil refinery held by Islamic State terrorists. The rape of archeological treasures in Iraq has intensified. Iraqi leaders have said the coalition wasn't doing enough to protect key sites.

Troops from Chad and Niger have invaded northeast Nigeria to combat Boko Haram terrorists. Boko Haram reportedly meantime has pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Amy Kellogg reporting on the assassination of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov. Five are charged or suspected of being involved.

The Boston bombing trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev continues today.. Molly Line reporting.

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