Ice Ice Baby

Weather and its ramifications dominating the headlines today. A massive series of storms made a mess of areas from Texas to Maine.

New questions today on the Delta flight that spun off the runway at LaGuardia Airport yesterday.. 125 passengers and five crew safely evacuated the plane. Reports suggest the escape shoots were frozen, and that's why passengers had to flee through doors and slide down the wing. It's really amazing more weren't hurt or killed. Now investigators are trying to figure out why other planes were able to land yesterday without issue, but this plane slid.

The partial-day closure of LaGuardia added to travel woes.. with severe weather already cancelling thousands of flights.

Two feet of snow left dozens of motorists trapped along Interstate 65 in Kentucky. A jam stretched for 26 miles and last almost 24 hours. Now all that snow could melt quickly creating flash flooding.

Snow in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and New England left thousands fighting traffic jams, piles of snow and schools and businesses closed.

We get the February jobs report today. Analysts are expecting the unemployment rate fell to 5.6%. We'll look to see if months of strong jobs gains is finally lifting wages.

Harrison Ford is lucky to be alive today after he crashed a small WWII-era plane in Southern California. He's expected to make a full recovery, but remains hospitalized.

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