A truck and a school bus collided in a multi-vehicle crash Thursday in central Washington that killed a motorist.

At least five students were injured and dozens more were taken to a hospital to be evaluated after the wreck involving the bus, truck and a car.

Two people in the box truck were seriously hurt, according to the Washington State Patrol.

Most injuries to the students and driver of the Orondo School District bus were minor, but one student may have a serious injury, Trooper Darren Wright said.

Photos from the scene showed significant damage to the right front side of the bus, with part of the roof caved in and windows mangled. The front half of the box truck was destroyed.

The injured people were taken to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee, about 20 miles south of the accident scene.

Forty-three students on the bus were taken to the hospital to be checked out, even those without obvious injuries, said Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal.

The roadway was clear and dry at the time of the crash, which happened just before 8:11 a.m. on Highway 97, about five miles north of Orondo. Weather conditions at the time were sunny and clear.

No further details on the crash were immediately available.

Orondo is a small community with a gas station, post office and one school, a combination elementary-middle school with about 160 students.

Gjesdal said it was the worst accident in his 30-year career in law enforcement.

"Anything involving a school bus causes great concern — sad, sad." he said,