Supreme Court Showdown

One of our top stories today is at the Supreme Court. The court is getting another chance to weigh in Obamacare. The highest court hears arguments today over federal subsidies for Americans getting insurance through the federal marketplace instead of state exchanges. The plaintiffs are arguing that's not allowed under the Affordable Care Act. If the Supreme Court rules for them, 8 million Americans could lose their insurance. Shannon Bream reporting.

We're also covering the fallout from New York Times' reporting on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of private email while at the State Department. Today the Times' reporting suggests Mrs. Clinton was able to avoid records requests by keeping emails private.

There's lots of new reaction to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu speech to a joint meeting of Congress yesterday. We're all over it.

We're also investigating today the Iranian links to terrorism the PM talked about, and new charges the U.S. anti-ISIS strategy may be helping the Iranians.

Opening statements today in the bombing trial against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suspected to taking part with his brother in the Boston bombings that left 3 dead and some 260 hurt. Molly Line and Rick Leventhal reporting.

Jury selection continues today in the suspected Colorado massacre shooter James Holmes' murder trial.

We're on verdict watch in the Jodi Arias retrial sentencing. The jury to decide on the death penalty or life in prison. Adam Housley reporting.

A storm settling in over much of the nation bringing more snow to New England. Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Maine, New York, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and New Jersey also to be impacted.

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