Mall Threat

President Obama speaking to the nation's governors today at the White House. We'll monitor for news.

1110EST -- POTUS and VPOTUS deliver remarks to the Natl Gov Assoc in the State Dining Room. (POOL LIVE)

The President's comments come as Congress returns after a 10 day absence. There appears no path forward to pass funding for the Department of Homeland Security. A partial government shutdown could result. DHS runs out of money on Feb 27th. The GOP has blocked funding over the President's illegal immigration overhaul that he did via executive action. That executive action has been put on hold by a judge. Mike Emanuel reporting today on the funding showdown.

This could also be the kickoff to veto-palooza. The President expected to veto the Keystone Pipeline this week. More will no doubt follow with the GOP firmly in control of both houses of Congress.

There's a new threat to Americans to talk about. The Mall of America and other U.S. malls and shopping centers are being warned to be vigilant against new terror threats. A Somali terror group has released a video calling for Islamic terrorists to attack Western malls. The video shows images of the Bloomington megamall "Mall of America." Doug McKelway reporting today from Minnesota.

New Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is holding unusual meetings today with top military officials, diplomats and troops at a military base in Kuwait. They are discussing the growing influence and violence of Islamic terrorists in groups like ISIS. He was in Afghanistan over the weekend and suggested U.S. troops could delay a full withdrawal.

Conor Powell reporting on the Turks foray into Syria.

Secy of State John Kerry meeting again with the Iranians. He's allegedly been yelled at quite a bit. No closer, it appears, to a deal on Iran's nuke program.

Get ready for more bitter cold. Temps to fall 20-30 degrees below normal for most of the country. The Great Lakes are reportedly freezing over with Lake Erie nearly totally frozen.

Birdman won best picture at the Oscars. Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne took top acting prizes. Will Carr reporting.

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