It Was 1 Degree Outside Fox This Morning

Weather is one of our top stories today. As California swelters in an extremely hot winter, and wilts under it's fourth year of drought, temperatures are hitting record lows for much of the rest of the country. It's 1 degree (without wind chill) in New York City! Our Fox Extreme Weather Center is up and running..

The President's summit on combating terrorism has raised a lot of eyebrows.. including at the New York Times which has been skeptical in its reporting. Today, they reported on the tensions between U.S. strategy and the governments who would need to enforce it. Peter Baker and Julie Hirschfeld Davis writing:

"As he sought to rally the world behind a renewed attack on terrorism, President Obama argued on Thursday that force of arms was not enough and called on all nations to "put an end to the cycle of hate" by expanding human rights, religious tolerance and peaceful dialogue.

But the challenge of his approach was staring him right in the face. His audience of invited guests, putative allies in a fresh international counterterrorism campaign, included representatives from some of the world's least democratic and most repressive countries."

New fighting in Iraq and Syria.. as Western-backed Iraqi forces try to retake territory taken by ISIS terrorists. It comes as we get new details on a plan to retake Mosul.. Jennifer Griffin reporting.

Fighting is raging in Eastern Ukraine.. five days after a supposed cease fire went into effect. Russian backed rebels are shelling Ukrainian positions. It's the one year anniversary of the pro-Western government takeover in Kiev.

Five weeks until yet another new deadline for a deal on Iran's nuclear program passes, negotiators gather in Geneva for more talks on reining in Iran's nuke program.

There's a high-level meeting on what to do about Greece for the EU today.. they are considering a six month extension of a loan agreement that prevents the Greek economy from default and keeps them in the EU. Greece has been pressing for new terms.

We get earnings from several companies the most prominent of which is probably John Deere.

New dietary guidelines raising some eyebrows. They suggest less sugar and salt.. no surprise there, but they also want people to eat less meat.. as it's bad for the environment.

Clint Henderson

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