The Debate Over Labeling Terrorism

President Obama speaks today at 10:30am at day two of the Countering Violent Extremism White House Summit. The President is refusing to use the words "Islamic extremism" or "Muslim terror" instead using the phrase "violent extremism." It's upsetting a lot of folks who say he's avoiding the reality of the terror situation playing out around the world. The President and White House staff are bending over backwards to not offend Muslims, but some analysts say the President should be calling it what it is.. Islamic terror. Even the New York Times is laying out the criticism of the President.. "projects vulnerability and weakness." Michael Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said in a House hearing last week "You cannot defeat an enemy that you do not admit exists."

Meantime, military leaders from 26 countries fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria are participating in a 2 day Riyadh, Saudi Arabia summit to discuss strategy. They'll be discussing the Syrian civil war that has killed 220,000 people. Conor Powell reporting.

Tens of thousands of refugees from Libya are pouring into Italy, and the Italians are beefing up their defenses in response. There are fears terrorists could sneak into Italy along with refugees. Amy Kellogg reporting.

So much for the cease-fire in Ukraine. Russian backed rebels have taken control of a strategic town called Debaltseve.. despite a cease fire that supposedly went into effect Sunday.

British air space violated (again) by Russian bombers. What is Russia up to?

Iran criticized for blocking investigations by the IAEA into its nuclear work including on weapons. The White House still pursuing a long term deal with Iran despite the country's lack of cooperation.

We get jobless numbers today, earnings reports from Wal Mart, T-Mobile, and Direct TV.

It's friggin' cold and getting colder. Temperatures in parts of the nation are expected to be 25-45 degrees below normal.. with wind chill advisories issued.

A horrible super bug infection outbreak in Los Angeles believed to have already killed 2 and infected 7. 200 were exposed. Will Carr reporting.

Port strike on the West Coast shows no sign of letup.

There's also good news for Americans with a travel bug. Europe is suddenly much cheaper for Americans as the Euro continues its slide against the dollar.. The Euro is the weakest it's been v the Dollar since 2002!

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