Brrrr.. It's Cold Out There


Brutal cold for much of the nation. The Northeast could see wind chills of -35 degrees in some spots.

Congress off next week, and both Democrats and Republicans are spending the day bragging about their "accomplishments." Meantime, the DHS runs out of money thanks to Congressional inaction at the end of the month. This as polls show Americans still hold very negative views of Congress.

New York Times reporting the United States has been conducting secret raids to combat terrorists in Afghanistan.. Leland Vittert reporting.

New airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.. killed 20 terrorists according to the U.S. ISIS now claiming it has a Mossad agent hostage.

Italy has joined the U.S., France and the UK in pulling personnel from Yemen and closing their embassy. It's an unfortunate symbol of the collapse of the once strong alliance. The White House is insisting the exit from Yemen wasn't rushed.

President Obama is leading a White House cybersecurity summit in Silicon Valley this afternoon. He'll give a speech on consumer protection and the threat from cyber-crimes today at 2:20pm in Palo Alto at the Stanford campus.

The White House is taking a skeptical view of the cease fire deal announced by Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany yesterday, but says arming the Ukrainians is off the table for now. The cease fire is set to begin Sunday, but fighting has continued to rage between Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists (backed by Russia.)

Stock futures pointing higher as Germany reports better than expected economic growth and Greece backs down on threats to pull out of the EU and halt bailout efforts.

Expedia buying Orbitz for 1.3 billion dollars.

U.S. ports on the West coast closed in labor disputes.. Prices could be affected.

The murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh for killing American Sniper Chris Kyle and another man back underway today.

The murder trial of Aaron Hernandez resumes in Massachusetts after snow delays. He's on trial for killing football player Odin Lloyd.

A Korean air heiress is appealing her one year prison sentence related to an incident where she screamed at employees of the airline over the improper serving of nuts in business class.

The FBI now investigating the murder of three young Muslims by their neighbor in North Carolina. Craig Stephen Hicks allegedly shot the three at point blank range. Some reports suggest it was over a parking space, but family and friends say they believe it was a hate crime. More than 5,000 attended the funeral yesterday in North Carolina.

Disturbing new research suggests 8 million tons of plastic are entering the world's oceans.. creating huge islands of garbage in the oceans.. and making a mess of the environment. New demands for the world to do something about it.

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