Turning Up the Pressure Dial on 2016

We're again examining the 2016 field. Great piece in the Wall Street Journal today about the growing pressure on Hillary Clinton to jump into the race. Here's some of that WSJ piece:

"Hillary Clinton is all but certain to seek her party's nomination, and there are no signs she will have a serious challenge. But there is some drama -- and tension among Democrats -- surrounding her timetable. Many of those close to her believe that the former secretary of state can wait as long as she wants and is best served by delaying her entry in the 2016 race.

At this point, an announcement most likely will come between April and July, say people familiar with the matter.

Some allies and prominent Democrats contend she needs to jump in sooner than that and begin raising campaign funds and organizing in states with early contests, even if the payoff means more in the general election than the primaries."

The GOP field also getting some scrutiny.. with comments from Scott Walker and Chris Christie raising a few eyebrows.

France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have agreed to a cease-fire deal in Eastern Ukraine.. again. The deal which apparently be enforced with the help of German and Ukraine.. officially starts Sunday. Meantime, fighting is raging. Greg Palkot is in Kiev. The IMF is sending 17.5 Billion in aid to Ukraine.. as it struggles economically.

The all-night peace talks may delay a big EU meeting which could help determine the fate of Greece and negotiations over its ongoing bailouts.. The new leadership in Greece wants a renegotiation of terms or it may leave the European Union..

The EU also set to address attacks in Europe, the spread of terror, battling ISIS, and how to stop EU citizens going to Syria and Iraq to fight.

There's a vote approaching on ISIS funding in the U.N... well see if the world body does the right thing.

Ashton Carter could be approved as soon as today by the Senate.. He becomes President Obama's fourth defense secretary. Loretta Lynch's nomination as AG is being held up.. so far.

We get weekly jobless numbers today as well as retail sales for January.. should give us an idea of how the economy is faring. We also get earnings reports today from Kellogg, Coca Cola and Time.

60 Minutes long-time correspondent Bob Simon was killed in a car crash yesterday in Manhattan. His driver may have had a heart attack before the crash. He was 73. Rick Leventhal reporting.

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