Hillary Clinton 2016 Positioning Beginning in Earnest

Hillary Clinton back in the spotlight. Politico has a great piece called "Hillary Clinton's Best Frenemies," about the likely Democratic candidate. Here's how they characterize potential competitors for the nomination, "Time and time again, when invited to criticize Clinton, her potential Democratic primary rivals have ducked, deflected and dodged. They’re trying to present themselves as viable alternatives to the daunting frontrunner without addressing the obvious question of how they stack up against her."

The New York Times doing more digging too today. The Times' looking closely at the infighting among those who would presume to run her campaign, and the big fundraisers with big egos who are battling for influence.

We'll explore it with a political panel.

Flowers being left at the courthouse plaza in Prescott, Arizona - the hometown of 26-year-old Kayla Mueller.. who died while being held hostage by ISIS terrorists. Yesterday the federal government said there are at least one or more American hostages being held by terror groups in the Middle East.

France has joined Britain and the U.S. in closing its embassy in Yemen. American embassy employees were evacuated today from Sanaa as the security situation continues to deteriorate. Shiite rebels armed with assault rifles are roaming the streets. Some protesters have been attacked.

Australia says it stopped a terror attack in the final stages of planning in Sydney. Two men were arrested, and video captured by police shows them in front of the ISIS flag with a knife and machete making threats.

The President is seeking a war powers authorization resolution from Congress for the fight against ISIS. It asks for a declaration and offers a three year limit.

There are several hearings on the Hill today on the threat to homeland security including a House hearing on the threat from foreign fighters, homegrown terrorists, and the spread of violent extremism. Mike Emanuel reports.

There's also a hearing today new EPA rules..

The House is expected to approve the Senate's Keystone approval bill today. The President will veto it, and it doesn't appear Congress has enough votes to overcome his veto.

Fighting continues to rage in Eastern Ukraine despite peace talks today in Belarus between Russia, Ukraine Germany and France. There is reportedly progress and even an agreement, but 3 more people died in Donestk overnight. Someone should tell the warring parties about the "progress." 5,300 have died so far in the conflict.

We get earnings reports today from AOL, Tesla, Pepsi and Whole Foods. Stocks closed higher yesterday.

Brian Williams was suspended as anchor of "NBC Nightly News" for six months for exaggerating stories and lying in reports stretching back years. Howard Kurtz weighs in today.

Jon Stewart announced yesterday he was leaving his "The Daily Show" anchor chair. He's been the host of the hugely popular satirical news program since 1999.

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