Shady Foreign Buyers & The U.S. Housing Market

The New York Times today published Part III of a five part investigative journalism series on the rapid growth of shell companies buying high-end properties from coast to coast.. oftentimes hiding profits from illegal activities, getting tax breaks, and not paying their fair share of taxes. Today's piece covers a shady real estate mogul from India named Kabul Chawla. The newspaper report shows Chawla has been able to buy a multi-million dollar Manhattan condo.. while hiding his identity. He's accused of ripping off hundreds of veterans in New Delhi. We'll talk to the reporter who helped break the story.. Louise Story of the New York Times.

Weather is a big story again today. Boston got another two feet of snow yesterday, and more is forecast for Thursday. 4000 flights were cancelled. No school or public transport today as the town digs out. They've had five feet of snow in two weeks!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) conducted a series of air strikes against ISIS terrorists with the support of the United States overnight. Yesterday we reported Jordan carried out 58 airstrikes over the weekend. You'll remember last week, ISIS released video of a captured Jordanian pilot burned alive while locked in a cage. Syrian dictator Bashir Assad told the BBC that he's been informed via third parties about U.S. air strikes. Syria also conducting air strikes against ISIS.

Fighting is raging in Eastern Ukraine with pro-Russian rebels fighting with Ukrainian forces. There are reports fighting has spread to Mariupol and Debaltseve. There are four party peace talks tomorrow in Belarus with the U.S. , Russia, Germany and France. Greg Palkot reporting.

Measles continues to spread with another three states and Washington DC reporting cases last week according to the CDC. There is a Senate hearing on the debate raging across the country about whether parents should be forced to vaccinate their children. The outbreak has been linked to a drop-off of parents vaccinating their children.

Gay marriage began yesterday in Alabama though some counties are refusing to issue marriage licenses. A federal judge ruled the state had to legalize gay marriage, but most probate judges in the state refused to issue licenses. The Supreme Court rejected a last minute appeal from Alabama. The Supreme Court ruling suggests the nation's highest court will rule in favor on national gay marriage as a constitutional right when it rules sometime in June.

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