Wait Until You Hear What They Found in Subways

There's a big march expected today in Jordan in a sign of support for the Kingdom and as an honor for the soldier who was burned alive by ISIS terrorists. Jordan has already launched airstrikes (with U.S. support) and executed two terrorists, and the King is promising extreme retaliation. Meantime, a prominent jihad preacher in Jordan called the execution "not acceptable in any religion."

Meantime, ISIS has gained more territory inside Syria. Conor Powell and Shepard Smith reporting.

EU leaders are meeting with Vladimir Putin today in Moscow urging an end to Russia's support for pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande are meeting with Putin and are promising to use all their power for Ukraine peace. Fighting is raging in Donetsk today.

Meantime sanctions are set for approval next week against 19 people linked to the fighting.

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Munich for a meeting with foreign ministers (including from Ukraine and Russia) for talks on the deteriorating diplomatic situation.

President Obama releases a big national security report today at 1pm. We'll digest it with Ed Henry. National Security Advisor Susan Rice delivers remarks at a Brookings Institution event.

New clues in the investigation into that TransAsia plane crash. Both engines failed after takeoff. 35 died. David Piper reporting.

It's looking like today could cap the best week for the markets so far this year. The Dow is on track for its best week in three years. We get January jobs numbers today. Analysts are expecting the economy gained 230,000 jobs with the unemployment rate unchanged at 5.6%. It's the 12th straight month of job gains above 200,000.. that's the longest such stretch since 1994. Radio Shack filing for bankruptcy. Sprint will take over many of its stores.

Ew. The results of a new Weill Cornell Medical College project mapping New York City's subways are in, and they are gross. Among the findings? There's anthrax, fecal bacteria, meningitis, bubonic plague and other lovely germs lurking everywhere. We'll ask Doctor Marty Makary what it all means.. good and bad.

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