Plane Crash Caught on Tape, Jordan Caught Up in War on Terror

Crazy video out of Taipei, Taiwan this morning. A TransAsia plane with 58 onboard clipped a bridge and crashed into a river killing at least 19 with the death toll expected to rise. It's the 2nd ATR 72 prop-jet to crash in the past year. We'll add an aviation analyst.

Another horrible accident in New York. Seven killed when a car stuck on train tracks near New York City was smashed into by an MTA train going as much as 60 miles an hour. The electrified third rail apparently poked into the train car which was consumed by fire. Almost a dozen more injured. The NTSB is investigating. David Lee Miller reporting.

The world reacting to the horrific burning alive of a Jordanian pilot by ISIS terrorists we first learned about yesterday during the show. Video released publicly shows the pilot who was shot down near ISIS stronghold in Syria being burned alive inside a cage. Jordan vowing revenge, and already executed two terrorists with ties to Al Qaeda. Sunni Muslims around the world are outraged over the brutal killing with The Grand Sheik of Cairo's main mosque is calling for bloody revenge.

Defense Secretary nominee Ash Carter has his confirmation hearings today in the Senate. He's likely to be approved, but faces some tough questions from Republicans who will use the hearings to air criticism of the Obama Administration's foreign policy.

There's also more Congressional hearings today on Cuba, the Budget and Education. We'll be monitoring.

Meantime, the New York Times reporting today that former Al Qaeda operative Zacarious Moussaoui testified that high level Saudi Arabian officials plotted against the United States, raised money for terrorists and even considered killing the President.

Jennifer Griffin reporting on the increasing likelihood that the United States will help arm the Ukrainians as Russia continues to send aid and military equipment to pro-Russian separatists. The EU has refused, but is standing behind sanctions.

After several solid days of gains, oil prices are down 2% in overnight markets. Staples is buying Office Depot.. in merger rejected as anti-competitive just a few years ago. We get earnings today from General Motors, Merck and Ralph Lauren. We also get ADP jobs numbers which will give us a peek at the January jobs numbers due out Friday.

Jeb Bush speaking at 12:35. We'll talk to Gerald Seib about his column suggesting Bush plans on running on a "positive message."

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