New Fox Polls

New Fox News polls show the country is as divided as ever. Here's how Fox pollsters put it,

"Americans don't think we're the happy family President Obama described in his State of the Union speech. A new Fox News national poll released Wednesday finds that by a three-to-one margin, voters see America as a dysfunctional family rather than as the "tight-knit" grouping Obama claimed we are (73-24 percent)."

The polling also suggest Americans are unhappy with the President's handling of ISIS and are worried about the threat from terrorism. 84% believe America will be attacked by Islamic terrorists "soon." Nearly half say President Obama underemphasizes the threat from Islamic terrorists.

On that topic, a White House spokesman yesterday refused to call the Taliban in Afghanistan terrorists as the administration continues to bend over backwards to not call terrorism terrorism.

The White House is apparently pissed about House Speaker John Boehner's invite to Israeli PM Benjamin speak to Congress.. right before the Israeli election. The New York Times reports the White House believes it is a violation of protocol and that the Israelis were putting the political fortunes of Netanyahu ahead of the relationship between the U.S. and Israel.

A measles outbreak in California continues to spread. Students without immunization are being banned from classes.. There are at least 95 cases in seven states and Mexico.. most traced back to Disneyland resort in Southern California. Measles was thought to have been eradicated in the U.S., but some parents have refused to vaccinate their children. That's being blamed for the return of the sometimes-deadly disease.

News on two terrible plane disasters.

Tensions have calmed down on Israel's border with Lebanon and Syria.. as Hezbollah reportedly told Israel it was backing off further violence. Hezbollah fighters attacked Israeli soldiers this week killing at least two, and Israel responded with a volley of artillery fire.

Malaysia today officially declared the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 an accident and all 239 passengers and crew on board dead. The plane disappeared March 8th, and has never been found.

Investigators into an AirAsia flight that crashed into the Java Sea killing 162 say the co-pilot was flying the plane when stall warnings sounded. The black box recorders recovered from the sea floor end with the sound of stall warnings and the co-pilot unable to right the plane.

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