New Obamacare #'s As Indiana Expands Medicaid

New England digging out after a historic snowstorm. There are power outages in places like Nantucket, and 3 feet of snow fell in some places. A sea wall also gave way in Marshfield, MA leading to coastal flooding. Weather forecasters got it way wrong for New York City and Philadelphia as we've reported.. wildly overestimating snowfall. But it was the opposite problem in CT, RI, MA and ME where they UNDERestimated the numbers. Molly Line and David Lee Miller are in Massachusetts. Rick Leventhal reporting from LaGuardia where airlines are trying to get schedules normalized.

New Obamacare numbers today. The White House says 9.5 million people signed up to receive health coverage through public marketplaces in 2015. The goal was 9.1 million. There's less than a month before the enrollment deadline. The numbers look good, but some of those people won't pay their premiums. Meantime, Indiana's GOP Governor Mike Pence worked out a deal to expand Medicaid in his state.. it could give other GOP-led states support to also expand health insurance for poor people. The House is expected to vote to kill Obamacare again next week.

There is a Senate hearing today into the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.. President Obama's pick to replace AG Eric Holder. She's likely to face tough questions on immigration, and policing. Mike Emanuel reporting.

...1000EST -- Senate Judiciary Committee (Chairman Chuck Grassley) begins two days of confirmation hearings for Loretta Lynch, Obama's nominee to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General.

President Obama is dropping a controversial proposal he made in the State of the Union to end tax breaks for 529 college savings accounts. The idea was panned by Republicans and most Democrats too. It's part of a sweeping series of proposals the President made to try and make college more affordable for more students.

The President also proposing a big increase in defense spending.

1000EST -- CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf testifies before a Senate Budget Committee hearing on budget and economic outlook. LIVE WEBCAST

The Dow fell 290 points yesterday as worries about a global economic slowdown and weak earnings reports from Caterpillar and Pfizer weighed on the markets. But then after the bell, Apple reported a blowout earnings quarter. Today we'll get a read on oil, and important earnings reports from Boeing, Fiat Chrysler and Facebook.

An attack on Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah has led to retaliation by Israel with Israel firing at least 50 artillery shells at Lebanon. 4 Israeli soldiers killed. John Huddy reporting.

Jordan has offered up a female Iraqi prisoner to ISIS terrorists in exchange for a Jordanian being held. No word on the fate of the 2nd Japanese hostage. Greg Palkot reporting.

Amy Kellogg updates us on the collapse of the Russian economy.

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