Income Inequality the State of the Union

As predicted, income inequality was a major theme of last night's State of the Union address. President Obama calling for wealthy Americans to pay their "fair share."

He wants taxes raised on the wealthy, and lowered on the middle class. He wants community college to be free, and wants money for childcare. He also wants a massive infrastructure program.

He's also threatening to veto anything that chips away at Obamacare or the financial overhaul.

The Republican controlled Congress is unlikely to accommodate the President. He didn't even acknowledge the Republican takeover of the Senate.

The Republican response featured up and coming Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa calling Obamacare a failed policy.. She says Americans are demanding solutions, and were fed up with Democratic policies.

It's going to be an interesting year!

President Obama travels to Boise, Idaho today where he'll continue selling his SOTU ideas.

Four people charged under terrorism links in France. France announcing a major investment in police and weapons to fight terror. Kitty Logan reporting.

Yemeni rebels have continued to take ground against the government of Yemen.

High level talks on U.S./Cuba relations begin today in Havana. They'll reestablish trade, flights and embassies.

A horrible attack in Israel.. the latest in a string of attacks by Palestinians on Israeli citizens. Jonathan Huddy reporting.

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