Oklahoma police chief shot during bomb threat investigation; alleged shooter posted about ISIS

An Oklahoma police chief survived being shot several times because he was handed a bulletproof vest just moments before entering the home of the suspect who posted statements about ISIS on social media. reported that the Sentinel Police Chief Louis Ross was responding to the home linked to an earlier bomb threat. While police cleared out the house, they were confronted in one of the bedrooms and shots were fired.

Ross was hit several times in the chest and arm. A man and his wife were arrested.

Authorities described the shooting suspect as a man in his 30s who posted statements on social media about ISIS. Authorities, however, told the paper that there is no evidence that ties the alleged shooter to the terror group.

"I've known that kid all of his life," Mayor Sam Dlugonski told the paper. "I don't think he was tied to the Islamic State in any way."

Schools in the area canceled classes.