Al Qaeda in Yemen Claims Responsibility for French Terror

A top commander of Al Qaeda in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the Paris terror attacks. Nasr al-Ansi appearing in an eleven minute video saying the attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper was revenge for the prophet Mohammed, and that the Yemen branch of Al Qaeda chose the target, planned and paid for the attack. It promised more attacks. Meantime, the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo with another cartoon of the prophet on the cover has sold out in France. The edition of 3 million was fought over at some kiosks. (It usually has a run of 60,000!) The investigation continues with police looking for another six sleeper terrorists. The car used by the common law wife of one of the terrorists has been spotted on the move in France. She is thought to have escaped to Syria.

Greg Palkot and Rick Leventhal reporting, and Catherine Herridge will report on the Yemeni prisoners still at Gitmo, and their fates.

Jennifer Griffin reporting today on a horrific massacre in Africa. The Islamic terror group Boko Haram has murdered as many as 2,000 people in Baga, Nigeria. Boko Haram now controls more than two dozen towns in northeast Nigeria and is threatening Chad and Cameroon as well.

Showdown on Capitol Hill today.. as House Republicans are set to overturn President Obama's executive actions on immigration. The measures would cut funding to allow deportation relief for 4 million illegal immigrants, and for 2012 policy that allows work permits for 600,000 who arrived in the U.S. as children. The legislation is being attached to funding for the Department of Homeland Security. The President will veto it, and Democrats are accusing House Republicans of playing politics with homeland security.

The House could also vote to alter a section of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul that critics say is a giveaway to big banks.

We get reads on retail sales and petroleum today. Oil and gas prices continue to fall, and it's sending reverberations through the economy. Casey Stegall reporting on the impact on energy jobs in Texas.

Earnings season continues with reports from JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. The World Bank says global growth continues to slow with the U.S. the one bright spot.

The Obama Administration is set to dramatically cut methane emissions by nearly half as part of its efforts to combat global warming. Methane is a greenhouse gas. The White House will order cuts via regulations of oil and gas production.

There were reports of a leak on the International Space Station,but it may have been a false alarm. Astronauts and cosmonauts are ok.. but had to temporarily flee the American side of the station. Phil Keating reporting.

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